• New KOTD Champion

    Pat Stay vs Arcane will go down as one of the best title matches in KOTD history. As always with every big event everyone comes out with their own opinions, on this page you can vote for who you thought won.

  • Perth City Battle 22

    The return of Planz, and the return of Baxter as the main event at PCB22.


    REAL TALK is about to celebrate their 4th year as a league. From humble beginnings to a world wide audience Real Talk is on the up-and-up.

  • KOTD WD4

    The event that unites the global Battle Community has returned for it's forth year in a row. From the 23rd - 24th of August, Toronto becomes a battle ground for the worlds bigges Hip Hop Battle event.

  • New Real Talk Champion

    Real Talk has a new champion, you can have your say here with the fan vote system.

  • Chase: From There To Hear
    Chase: From There To Hear

    Chase's new album 'From There To Hear' is out now on itunes & selected stores across Australia.

  • DWIZOFOZ: Art Intimidates Life

    Dwizofoz has just released the long awaited follow up to his 2009 release of ‘Baked Not Fried’ EP'. ‘Art Intimidates Life’ is out now, online and in selected stores around Australia.