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Australia  Australia
Battles: 4
Wins: 3
Loss: 0
Team Match: 1
Team Wins: 1
Team Loss: 0
Unjudged: 0
Points: 4
Fan Votes For: 1
Fan Votes Against: 0
Battles In: Acapella Rap Battles

List Of All Seassons : Battles - On The Rise
Australian - Battles - Brisbane Sunday
Australian Battles - 2 Up Skool
Australian Battles - Eat Shit & Die
Facebook :http://www.facebook.com/dribblesthemadone

Measuring seven feet tall, Dribbles is often feted as the William Wallace of the rap world. With a voice that can only be described as demonic gospel, Dribbles summons his rhyme schemes through an Ouija board fashioned from the skulls of slain battle opponents. Many say he doesn’t rap but speaks in a Satanic tongue in the hope to summon the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse. Whatever speculation is popularized though, his recording process remains shrouded in secrecy . . .

Shortly after finishing Fisherman’s Friend, Dribbles disappeared into an abandoned theme park and set up a 1940's radio microphone to begin work on his debut album Big Rivers Theme Park, one of the first major releases from upcoming record label Grouse Records...

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