Zain Azari

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Zain  Azari
Zain Azari
Zain Azari
Malaysia  Malaysia
Battles: 8
Wins: 2
Loss: 6
Team Match: 0
Team Wins: 0
Team Loss: 0
Unjudged: 0
Points: 2
Fan Votes For: 0
Fan Votes Against: 1
Battles In: Acapella Rap Battles

List Of All Seassons : Battles - Behind Enemy Lines
Battles - Call To Arms 2
Battles - Restart The Revolution
Battles - Real Talk X
Battles - Escape From The Killing Fields
Battles - Year Of The Cow
Australian Battles - Rampage
Australian Battles - 1st Birthday Bash - Oct 26th 2012

Zain Azrai competes in major rap battle events all over the world, and has won battles in some of the most popular rap battle leagues in Hip Hop, such as GrindTimeNow Australia, Flip Top (Philippines), Don't Flop (UK), Got Beef? & Real Talk (Australia).