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Battles In: Acapella Rap Battles

List Of All Seassons : Battles - Grind Time East Coast #9 - Forbidden City (2009)
Battles - Summer Madness
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Twitter :!/ConceitedNYC

Hailing from East Flatbush, NY, the highly celebrated Brooklyn-Native MCEE recognized by the name of Conceited earned his claim to fame in the critically acclaimed “Motherland of Urban Renaissance” Harlem, NY. After overcoming unworthy underground battle challenges, and building a presence on the Battle-Rap scene, Conceited first major-league battle took place fall of ‘09 in battle rap legends Murda Mook and Loaded Lux’s League The Lion’s Den. Conceited’s new-school style of uncontested delivery, continuous bars, and Lyrical ability swept the rap battle scene like a storm in the night. For the next two years Conceited and his battle rap crew S.O.N.S. have proven themselves to be industry veterans, ending battle rappers careers league by league, and also establishing a premier battle rap league of their own called THE JUNGLE. Over two years Conceited single handedly created his own lane in the world that is HIP-HOP. He now remains an Undisputed Champion in The Jungle, Grind Time, and Url Rap leagues. He is recognized World-Wide by the rap industry veterans and fans alike, has collected over 5 million online interest views, won countless battles and prize money, and plans to innovate the underground hip-hop battle scene with his influence.

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