Sketch Menace

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Sketch Menace
Sketch Menace
Sketch Menace
Canada  Canada
Battles: 2
Wins: 1
Loss: 1
Team Match: 0
Team Wins: 0
Team Loss: 0
Unjudged: 0
Points: 1
Fan Votes For: 0
Fan Votes Against: 0
Battles In: Acapella Rap Battles

List Of All Seassons : Battles - World Domination 3 - Global Supremacy
Battles - KOTD War Of The Words
Home City :Calgary, Alberta
Website :
Twitter :

Sketch Menace is a battle rapper from Calgary, Alberta. He is the KOTD former champion, having defeated previous KOTD champion Bender, and losing to poRICH.

Sketch Menace is also the President of King of the Cocks Calgary division.