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DWIZOFOZ: Brick By Brick

Posted by on in Interviews
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Juggling a full time job, family, battle league, music career & heaps more things can be a difficult task at the best of times but Dwizofoz keeps on paving a yellow brick road to success.

Dwizofoz began rapping with fellow Brisbane local Darcy 'Ghosty' Sullivan in a crew 'Ozalians' around 2001-02 after meeting in a studio during a music related community service program for juvenile charges for graffiti, stolen cars and assault. Dwizofoz attributes his introduction to Australian hip hop to being dubbed on an Evil Eddie ozhiphop compilation tape consisting of lyrical commission, bias b, drapht, hilltop hoods and more and says he owes the world to Ghosty AKA Darts MC for schooling him on the finer points of the art form.

Ozalians started with Dwizofoz and Ghosty and later was expanded with the introduction of both Strooth and Lyshastyles. The group never released any albums or mixtapes however, they had a strong presence in the charts.

During the period of 2002-2007 Ozalians supported the likes of Muph & Plutonic, Art of War, Bias B, Hyjak N Torcha, Mind Over Matter, Justice & Kaos and a number of established and up and coming artists around that time.

Ozalians disbanded in 2007 as Ghosty had moved away and started to work with a new group once he returned so Dwizofoz started focusing on launching himself as a solo performer working closely with Plague with a great productivity rate recording 30-40 tracks both solo and collaboratively in the span of only a few short months and eventually he met up with MC Rotheee to construct and release his 'Baked Not Fried' EP in 2009 on independent label Kut Paste Records.

The 'Baked Not Fried' EP landed Dwizofoz a place on the stage opening up for Australian heavyweight acts Lazy Grey, Kingz Konekted, Fluent Form, Maundz, Jake Biz, Mata & Must and also American hip hop icons Onyx as well as landing one of his tracks in the Obese Records compilation 'Obesecity 2', playing in the inaugural Robert Hunter Memorial Cup and performing at both Sprung Hip Hop festivals.

Aside from his earlier projects and the start of Real Talk Battle League a few years ago Dwizofoz is still just a father with a fiancé that just wants to make some good quality music and keep his family tight. I caught up with Dwizofoz not long ago to have a talk about his music and battle league, his path and where it has taken him and where he would like it to lead him in the future.


RAN MC: Lets start from the beginning. What inspired you to start up the Real Talk Battle League?

DWIZOFOZ: I started Real Talk purely and simply because in Brisbane there were a couple of guys that were blatantly bringing written material to our local freestyle battles called "Megiddo". I had never even seen or knew of Grind Time Now, Jump Off, WRC and the only battling I had seen at the time was Battle4Supremacy, Scribble Jam and Rap Olympics type stuff which was purely freestyle over beats. Essentially I wanted to see "Megiddo" stay pure to freestyle so I decided to create a level playing field and start events where writtens were accepted. Our first event was called "T.I.T.T.S" - Take It To The Streets. Real Talk Battle League replaced it pretty quickly though.


RAN MC: Describe Real Talk Battle League in its early days compared to where it is now. Did you ever think that it would get to where it is now?

DWIZOFOZ: Man it comes and goes cycles. In the early days I felt it was more of community but a lot less organised. Events would end in the early afternoon out on the streets of Fortitude Valley and after events finished there would still be around 50 to 60 people just hanging around loitering outside venues after we were finishing up. There was a little bit of drinking, smoking, rapping, networking, drunken hook-ups and all sorts of stuff like that. Nowadays we're a lot more organised, we have better prizes from our sponsors, we dont run over time but it almost takes some of the fun out of it sometimes. We'll be working harder to bring that old school vibe back but still keep things organised in 2013.


RAN MC: Running Real Talk Battle League must be a challenging task. What are some issues you face as the league's General Manager and how much does it affect your day to day life?

DWIZOFOZ: To be honest my biggest challenge is securing the matches. If everybody stayed as humble and open minded towards the opponents we give them as they are for their first few battles we'd have a lot less frustration involved in organising our events. That and when people have to or willingly choose to pull out of battles. It gets to be so painful, almost every event we expect to lose 1-2 in the weeks beforehand.


RAN MC: How important is the addition of RT Gauntlet to the emerging battlers and the overall league?

DWIZOFOZ: I think the RT Gauntlet is crucial to the growth of the league. The basic reality is that the same guys aren't going to battle forever so we always need to be looking for new people to take their place after a while and RT Gauntlet as a feeder league gives people a chance to test the waters before jumping in the deep end so to speak. In one year we've found at least 5-6 guys that all have the potential to become true threats. I have to give props to OnCredit in Adelaide and RekQ in Brisbane for hosting and holding down their respective RT Gauntlet divisions.


RAN MC: What are some of the most memorable battles you've hosted and why?

DWIZOFOZ: Oh man. Both Manaz vs Illmaculate and JayLegend vs TheSaurus were incredible main event matches. I think Manaz vs Devast8r was absolutely hilarious too. Kase Won vs Kawstik was the first ever Real Talk title match that was heated as hell and it remains to this day a real clash of 2 beasts with the pen. Big K.O.Z vs Dove for obvious reasons. Big K.O.Z vs JayLegend and Chase vs Nikoteen. They are all battles that rank highly with me..


RAN MC: What can we expect from Real Talk Battle League in 2013?

DWIZOFOZ:  More of the same things people have come to expect from us, but amped up to another level and a higher standard. Going back to our old event format of having live sets, open mics an things of that nature. Expect good things.


RAN MC: You do a lot outside of your own music. Do you wish you had more time for your own music or are you happy with the path you've chosen?

DWIZOFOZ: Yes and No. Im still trying to find a balance between my music and Real Talk Battle League but I definitely dont feel I've chosen hosting, organising and running battles over music or anything like that. I have invested a lot in the past few years as has Gil Goon who runs the league with me, but I have no regrets. This year I will be looking to swing the workload ratio back toward music though.


RAN MC: You've got nearly 6000 people following Real Talk Battle League on Facebook, nearly 3000 Youtube subscriptions, over 300 Twitter followers and various sponsor backing you. Did you ever imagine that your small Brisbane battle community would expand this much as a professional business?

DWIZOFOZ: I still don't consider Real Talk Battle League a professional business and I try not to handle it like that. I put a finger up at anyone who says I'm not "professional" enough because I don't try to be what they consider professional. I'm just an MC who hosts regular battle events and have been fortunate enough to have others come along and help make it bigger and better.


RAN MC: What was it like being involved in the Robert Hunter Memorial Cup?

DWIZOFOZ: Amazing. Incredible. Awe Inspiring. The vibe surrounding the whole weekend was on the most united, positive experience I've ever been a part of within the Australian hip hop community. Memories that will last a lifetime. Go Kings! RIP Hunter.


RAN MC: What other projects outside of Real Talk Battle League can we expect from you in 2013?

DWIZOFOZ: My album 'Art Intimidates Life' is coming in 2013 and I am starting work on a new EP as a side project and I'll be helping Exit Strategy and Flowz try push some releases as well. Heaps of vids from the team at Mindkill to go along with the music too. WDM469.



Watch the latest Music Video, Take Whats Mine - From DWIZOFOZ's upcoming album 'Art Intimidates Life' coming soon.
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0 #1 2013-04-19 02:41
As always, a good read cheers RAN MC for organizing this!

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