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JOHNNY TRASH: Overseas Madness

Posted by on in Interviews
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Johnny Trash got himself into a rather crazy adventure. Flown in for the MY Battles - International Standards in Malaysia, things didn't go according to plan. In a detailed interview Johnny Trash talks in-depth about his experience overseas and his upcoming battle against global battle legend 100 Bullets in 1Outs upcoming event 'Avalanche'. First off how did Zain get in contact with you about the event?
Johnny Trash: 1Outs had set up a battle between me and Zain, in the weeks leading up to this we had spoken about me coming to Malaysia, he wanted to bring out someone with a wordplay style to see how the Malaysian audiences would respond. I actually was actually meant to go there at a later date to battle Syd Vicious but last minute changes saw me going there for the May 3 event.

What happen when you first arrived in Malaysia and when did you first know that things hadn't gone to plan?
Johnny Trash: Oh man, basically the minute I got there. I landed at the airport, Zain was adamant for me to go straight to Burger King. I get there, ask a dude where Burger King is and in broken English he tells me what translates to me as 'Nah mate, no Burger King here'. I then manage to decipher out of him that there's a Burger King in another airport. Straight away I was like WTF? here I am in a foreign country no way to contact anyone and I am at the wrong airport. I immediately walk up to this white guy and say 'Yo you know where I can use the internet round here?' He replies in a thick english accent 'Johnny Trash??' IT WAS FLEX DIGITS!!! After exchanging what we knew was going on, we both knew then the plans weren't adding up... When did you guys meet up with Zain?
Johnny Trash: After meeting up with Flex (Who had no money due to a mishap with a money exchange) I bought us some lunch and caught a shuttle to another airport, we got there about half an hour later, waited for Zain for several hours, all in all from when we landed it was about 5 hours when Zain arrived. I can only assume he was trying to find money to pay Loe and Flex in this time. What did Zain say when you first caught up with him?
Johnny Trash: He was just apologetic about how he got confused about the airports, Flex and I were just both too tired and wanted to carry on with our journey, we caught a bus and a cab to the area we were meant to be staying, about an hour and half journey. The accommodation that had been organised had fell through. We had now been in the country 8 hours, exhausted and trying to sort out somewhere to stay. When did you find out about not having a return ticket?
Johnny Trash: Straight after I finished my battle at the event. Zain had said to me before I left Melbourne he had gotten me the return ticket, I took his word for it and went... Flex and I had discussed it over the couple days leading up to the event, how we doubted I had a ticket home, with all the other shit going wrong. As soon as the battles were over, i approached Zain on the stairs and said "Zain, I need to know, do I have a ticket home or not, I just need to know yes or no, so I can get it sorted. He replied softly 'There's no ticket'.

What was going through your head when you heard that?
Johnny Trash: Oh man, like the reality of it hit me, that I was stuck there with not enough money for a flight home, and nowhere to stay after Sunday. The guy I was staying with was returning to his home district to vote in the election on Sunday. The event was Friday night, I knew I had 24 hours to get it sorted or I was totally fucked. I remember taking a seat on the stairs and watching Loe and Flex talking about all the fuck ups and how it would be resolved. I remember Loe Pesci sayin 'How's Johnny Trash supposed to get home?' It was the million dollar question, I found myself sitting there thinking 'Yeah, hows Johnny Trash supposed to get home?' How did you get the situation resolved?
Johnny Trash: Straight away a couple of people were handing me money out of their pockets. I still didn't have enough to get home, and would have to get accommodation in the meantime. It was really a community vibe happening at that moment. Loe had given Flex the fraction he was paid to get by as Flex needed it more at the time. In the end, I had to get my girlfriend to bail me out. I didn't want to, but I had no choice. Since arriving back in Australia have you had much contact with Zain?
Johnny Trash: A couple of conversations here and there, just about reimbursing me for putting me out of pocket on the journey home and he thanked me for putting on a good battle for MY. He has been quite apologetic. I believe he has paid some of the other guys back. I have also said, I would go back to Malaysia, cos I actually give a fuck about the scene there and want to do it right. Just some issues need to be sorted first. All in all were you happy with the performance you did on the night?
Johnny Trash: I dunno to be honest, I wasn't happy with it personally. People have said it was a good performance, it just was not up to the standard I have come to expect from myself. Some have said I just looked exhausted to the point I coulda gone to sleep mid battle. I choked a couple of times, but being so tired I didn't give a fuck about choking and just talked shit, and people watching it laughed and enjoyed that. All in all the bars and the wordplay were there, just not the performance or energy and enthusiasm. I mean the battles were held in a fucking lobby, I couldn't really wild out and perform properly in any case. What positives could you take away from the experience?
Johnny Trash: Hmm positives, how easy life is in Australia compared to some other places, that's a big one. I met a lot of really cool people that I will stay in contact with for the rest of my life. The main positive, I got my first taste of battling overseas (besides New Zealand, but I was living there so that don't count) and my biggest peace of advice for someone battling overseas in a foreign environment is get comfortable, you will be out of your element, rest well and rest comfortably or else your performance will suffer. Meeting Flex Digits and Loe Pesci was real cool too, me and Flex got on really well, and we plan on meeting up for a BIG holiday in Thailand in 12 months time, so that's a positive! You've got a battle with 100 Bulletz in July, how have you been preparing?
Johnny Trash: I have started writing the concepts, punches and loose ideas around what I am gonna say and do. Really going to have to put in serious effort this time, I got one chance at this level of opponent and I am not going to squander it. Bulletz and I chop it up a bit online and he claims he's coming to Aus to son the shit out of me. So I aint taking this battle lightly. Hopefully the fans get their moneys worth and I put on my best performance yet! What's your thoughts about his performances and what do you expect him to bring to the table?
Johnny Trash: I first saw 100 Bulletz vs Kid Twist, this battle amazed the shit outta me from him. I hadn't seen anyone battle like him at that point. He is quite good at staying relevant with his rhyming. I expect 100 Bulletz to bring a performance and bars that are accessible to the local audience and the online audience who want to hear intricate technical bars. I expect him to touch on some personals and a bit of the history behind the battle also. Any other international battlers you'd like to go up against in the future?
Johnny Trash: I haven't really thought that far ahead, I am working on my first EP at the moment, which is hard to make progress on when this battle is taking my priority. Bender is the first name that comes to my mind, his multis are too good. Villun from Don't Flop would be great also. If we ever find ourselves back in Malaysia, I believe me vs Flex Digits would happen... a big IF though. Can you tell us a bit more about the EP you working on?
Johnny Trash: Well through my battling I have been introduced to Daily of Hit The Fan and Large from The Fourfront. They both make really dope sampled beats. I recorded a demo track with each of them, and after that the 3 of us decided to work on my first project together. Both of them have been involved in the scene for like, over a decade at least and know what they are doing respectively. Daily will be bringing that classic boom bap sound, and Large is a good sounding board for a few more of the experimental sounds I am looking to engage. The three of us working together should be a dope product, me on the lyrics and vocals, and Large and Daily on beats and production. This for me will be my first serious foray into music, so for me it is about growth and building on my skill set for future releases.

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0 #2 Zain Azrai 2013-05-22 09:53
P.S. Tactmatic and MC Stiff still battle
0 #1 ZainAzraiEPS 2013-05-22 09:15
Good job on the interview, battleREP. For the record, I was only discussing the possibility of Johnny battling Syd Vicious in KL at a later date but nothing was locked. The rest of the interview is true. I failed to give Johnny a return ticket due to budgetary concerns and I apologize for that and still owe Johnny money. His points on my mistakes in were spot on. I shouldn't have continued an event without sponsors or at least post poned some battles and I bit off more than I could chew and messed up. I will learn from this. Big up to battleREP for the great title, 'Overseas Madness' and the unbiased interview

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