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Posted by on in Battle News



This day 5 Years Ago


Loe Pesci vs FeelGood

b2ap3_thumbnail_kotd_vol6_2009_20130808-134341_1.jpgIn The Vega Lounge, Toronto, Canada one of King Of The Dot classics happened. Named Vol.6 Battle Of The Night Award Winner and in 2013 was rated number 25 in Organik's top 25 battles of KOTD.

Loe Pesci went up against FeelGood in a heated battle that will go down as one of KOTD's greatest battle.

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Posted by on in Battle News

"Dear All. This is my official story of the international event that went down in KL on Friday, May 3.

Loe Pesci said he would be in Malaysia to visit family and asked me if he could battle in Malaysia with a fee. Because I thought it was an opportunity not to be missed I agreed to him battling in Malaysia and also agreed to his fee. I also tried to get Flex Digits to be on the card. Flex said because he would be going out of his way he would require a fee as well so I agreed, in addition to his flight from Bangkok to kl and KL to Beijing which I later provided. I was getting sponsors for this event and thought I could definitely honour my commitments to their performance fees, as well as a flight from KL to Singapore for Loe which I had provided, since he already had arrangements to fly to Montreal from Singapore.

The reason why I was trying to get more international battlers to this event was because I didn't want to be the sole main event battling Loe because it seemed selfish to me. I wanted it to be about the Malaysian battle scene and not just me.

Then along the way, sponsors pulled out when someone I wanted to battle MC Stiff pulled out. Then I had to replace him with Jin Hackman to battle mc stiff. When the sponsors pulled out I was desperately using my own money to pay for the event, including flights, and trying my hardest to find money to fund the event and the fees for everyone right up till the night of the actual event.

For those of you who believe I can just ask my parents for money anytime I want, the fact is due to certain family reasons my parents were unable and unwilling to give me money when sponsors pulled out so I had to deal with it myself.

Yes, I initially told Johnny Trash he could sleep at my family's place when we were planning him to come over but because of family problems a few days before the event I was unable to let him stay at my family's place so I got a friend to have Flex and Johnny stay there. That is my fault.

The reason why I chose International Youth Centre KL, which was far away from the city centre, to be the venue was because it was cheap. I originally wanted their large room for 600 people but could not afford it when sponsors pulled out so I settled for a smaller room which unfortunately got locked up when I got there.

I was trying my best to get as much money as I could right up until the night of the actual event and while I was running around I was not contactable because I had lost my phone some time ago.

Chase made the tremendous effort of giving me half the money for his flight a long time before the event but I was not trying to lead him on for the sake of it. I was genuinely trying my best to get my half of the money for his flight right up until the very end a few days before the event. However, in spite of my efforts I could not get all the money I needed.

Ultimately, I used what money I had to pay for the other flights besides Chase and later returned Chase's money to him. On the night of the event only about 20 people turned up. I was running the whole event and the preparation up to it on my own without much people helping me so I could not promote it as much as I wanted to. The floods and traffic jam on the night of the event and the timing of it being two days before the elections didn't help either. The reason why I had the event on this date was to make sure it coincided with Loe’s arrival in Malaysia.

The reason I was un-contactable for long periods of time was because I had lost my phone and I was running around desperately trying to get money for the rappers' fees and other expenses

Through this whole crisis before the event I was hoping to get enough money from the door to pay Flex his fee and at least a percentage of Loe's fee while owing him the rest. Unfortunately, the event had a very low turn out.

Even on the night of the event I was trying to call people looking for money. At the end of the event there was RM 250.00 collected not USD 250.00. Loe was good enough to let me give it to Flex who was leaving for China the next day on the flight that was already provided.

Loe's uncle and I are in touch so I can do my best to pay Loe's fee.

And as for Johnny Trash, my friend who was good enough to give Johnny a place to stay, drove he and I home, and on the drive back home I asked Johnny how much money he had. I asked my friend for a loan while saying I would try coming up with the rest of the money, all for Johnny's return flight. I also said I would call the next day to help with the flight. The next night I called and it turned out Johnny had gotten a return flight back so now I owe my friend money and I told Johnny, both on the phone, and via email, to let me know how much money I owe him for his flight back home. This was tremendously unfair to Johnny because my plan was to have his return flight provided but I could not due to the financial problems leading up to the event due to sponsors backing out and my failure to come up with enough money in time.

I am in touch with Flex, Loe and Loe's uncle to pay their performance fees. I also owe Johnny Trash money for his flight Flex Digits, Johnny Trash, Loe Pesci and Chase worked very hard for their battles and I do not place any blame on them at all. I apologize profusely to all the battle MCs involved for what happened."

- Zain Azrai

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