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Australia  Australia
Battles: 11
Wins: 7
Loss: 3
Team Match: 1
Team Wins: 1
Team Loss: 0
Unjudged: 2
Points: 8
Fan Votes For: 1
Fan Votes Against: 0
Battles In: Acapella Rap Battles

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Originally hailing from Port Lincoln, now based in Adelaide, Manaz Ill is both an internationally renowned battle MC and accomplished song writer. Born with a rare eye condition which left him blind, he began recording in 2007 as a part of a 3 man crew called Ill Vibes.

Having made the move from Port Lincoln to Adelaide in early 2010, he hit the freestyle battle scene to build his name as a solo MC, clashing with established vets and taking out first place in multiple competitions locally. Since then he’s gone on to become one of Australia’s most reputable battle rappers, competing on an international level at events around the country. As well as maintaining a strong active presents in the battle scene, Manaz has shared stages with international underground legends including the likes of Louis Logic [USA] and Illmaculate [USA] alongside a host of other local and national heavy waits. A combination of humorous wit and intelligent wordplay, his musical versatility spans the spectrum, ranging seamlessly from up tempo anthems to introspective slow jams and everything in between. Now with a steady buzz to his name, he prepares to put out his free ‘Ill-Legit’ EP, produced by QLD beat maker Johnny Quest. The release of ‘Ill-Legit’ serves to set the stage for the upcoming ‘What it Look Like’ EP, the production on which is to be handled entirely by acclaimed Tasmanian producer Mdusu. Stay tuned.